Red Rock Canyon National Conservatory

Red Rock Conservatory is less than half hour drive from the Strip. There are various levels of hiking trail (easy, moderate, intense). There are many ways to get to Red Rock Canyon. I have seen the Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas on the road and at the Red Rock Canyon. There are beautiful trails that kids and seniors can enjoy walking. There is even one with a reward at the end of the trail (The Discovery Trail)  … a little waterfall (In the summer it is barely a trickle but the site is nice to pack a picnic and relax). There are many events at the Red Rock Conservatory Visitor  Gift Shop where you can buy souvenier and even have a bite to eat. Another way to explore Red Rock Canyon is using Scoot City Tours.  I have seen these on the road with couples, families, and other tourists. I’ll have to try it out… but if you happen to try it please write a comment about it.


















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