Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve is a 180-acre cultural and historical attraction designed to celebrate Las Vegas’s history and provide a vision for a sustainable future.  There are numerous activities catered to the curious young minds.

The Live Exhibits at the Springs Preserve give you a firsthand view of how animals like the desert cottontail rabbit, desert tortoise, kangaroo rat, pocket gopher and the gray fox have adapted to the harsh climate of the desert.

The Origen Museum Living Collections feature a variety of native mammals, reptiles and invertebrates.

Part of the Natural Mojave Gallery, these exhibits not only allow you to get close to some of our most famous desert dwellers, but also to better understand how these amazing animals have adapted to the extreme temperatures and arid climate of the Mojave. The scaly, furry and crawling friends on display include:

Lizard Habitat

Amongst the rocks and boulders housing several large exhibits, you’ll find nine different species of lizards, including the chuckwalla, tiger whiptail and desert iguana.

Desert Cottontails

They’re cute, they’re fluffy, and they’re so close you can almost touch them. Hopping about an exterior enclosure, these wascally wabbits can be seen from a variety of perspectives, but perhaps the most fun is via a domed window from beneath the habitat!

Gray Fox

Though the nocturnal gray fox sleeps in its burrow during the day, you can see it through a small window inside a darkened rockwork cave. But after the sun goes down, the fox makes its way to the exterior enclosure, roaming among native plants and rocks.

Pocket Gopher

Through a window, view an excavated trench exposing the network of burrows created by a Botta’s pocket gopher. Nearby, you’ll find a desert tarantula and desert hairy scorpion – safely behind glass, of course.

Ant Colony

Three interconnected terrariums house a harvester ant colony, including two living chambers and a foraging chamber. Watch harvesters at work in a nest on an accompanying monitor.

Gila Monsters

Explore a grotto of large boulders to view Gila monsters in their burrows at eye level. Open a sculpted Gila monster to see the fatty deposits in its tail that help these amazing reptiles survive for long periods without eating.

Night Life

Las Vegas’ original night life was composed of recluses, sidewinders and widows. In addition to the newest member of this motley crew, the bark scorpion, come see the who’s who of Vegas’ venomous world … if you dare!

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